Mundane Astrology (Simplified)


1.  We, the common citizens of our country.  
2.  Our money and assets.  
3.  Our neighborhoods, grade schools, daily travel, U.S. Auto industry, streets and roads, what we are
thinking and saying. (See, it already starts to complicate!)

4.  Our homes, real estate, and families.  
5. Our children in particular, entertainment, speculation.
6.  Health care, employment, common workers, high and trade schools; what our family members are
thinking and saying.  

7.  Other countries (friends and enemies. This may be hard to sort out, but isn't it always? )
8. World finance, trade centers, BANKS everywhere. Life and/or Death situations
9.  Higher education (college +), foreign affairs, foreign auto industry, philosophy/ temper of the world,
major highways, publishing, all foreign travel, what other countries are thinking and saying.

10.  The president and his goals/concerns; his cabinet.  
11.  Congress and their goals/concerns.  
12. The WEB and all LARGE  institutions such as hospitals, unions, insurance and finance; possibly Mass
Media along with 9th House. What the government is thinking and saying.  

( Remember that if looking out to space, the 12th House is a visible area.  It may be distorted, but only in
that respect is it secret. What is there becomes more and more clear as time goes by. The 8th House is
also visible, but what is there becomes more secret as the world turns.)
Planetary Meanings in Mundane Astrology (United States)

1.  Sun = The President and his cabinet.
2.  Moon = The common citizens, women in particular, mood of the people
3.  Mercury = Communications, short travel, roads, schools up to college.

4.  Venus = The arts, money, assets, values.
5.   Mars = Military, aggression, libido, energy
6.  Ceres = Agriculture, food industry,

7.  Jupiter = Judicial system, religion, overseas travel, liberalism, law, publishing and higher education.
8.  Saturn =  Big businesses, conservatism, authorities, order, consolidation
9.  Chiron =  Complementary medicine, healing

10. Uranus = upsets, technologies, revolution, change,
11. Neptune  = The WEB,  DRUGS, Faith/Hope/Charity, higher consciousness, loving all as self.   
12. Pluto = life and death, nuclear power, total transformation, tyrants, the underworld.

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